About Us

Cyber security is in our DNA

Established in 1997, from the start Colman Communications Consulting (Colmancomm) has been a firm committed to improving the security posture of our clients. But more than that, our mission is to provide customers with the advice and expertise to help them not only operate securely, but to thrive in the face of the opportunities and security challenges of digital transformation.

In an industry far too often prepared to accept process as proof of security we instead pride ourselves on giving our customers the capability to not only meet the security challenges of our digital economy, but also positioning them to capitalise on the opportunities available through digital transformation.

We do this by giving our customer practical, realistic and proven strategies to build cyber resilience into their organisations and then back up those strategies with high quality services delivered by some of the best in the business.

We are committed to helping our customers leverage the opportunities of their digital future securely.